T.E.H.D.A.S. ry is a non-profit organisation. Our aim is to produce high quality art and performance events in Finland and internationally. Our mission is to support young artists who are interested to work in the field of community art and give chances to perform to the one ones who are interested in performing arts. We have got awards for social activity in our country, including the State Art Prize of Finland.

Connecting artists and intellectuals from different fields – philosophy, sculpture, performance, literature, painting and installation.

In the project we can organize festivals and run social activity workshops. We will organize a various symposiums, festivals, workshops, lectures and public actions in our region and international. For example we organize annual international performance festival and on going performance club activity as well as we have publishing activities. Also we have a community feed/blog program to network organisations and artist to the community website (cultural open feed program). Network as cell activity more then 8 organisations involved.

One of the biggest projects at the moment is the project space and sculpturepark in Pori Finland. It is located at the shortwave station outside of Pori center.

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