T.E.H.D.A.S. ry:n kesänäyttely “Dadaptations”- woodsymposiumartist (osa kesänäyttelyä)

T.E.H.D.A.S. ry:n kesänäyttely “Dadaptations”- woodsymposiumartist (osa kesänäyttelyä)

Antti Pedrozo (Finland)

Sculpture: “Look”

“I am eager to take on new challenges and try everything new. I have participated in numerous competitions and projects, which have opened new doors to my own doing. Through sculpture projects, I have been able to practice my profession as a sculptor around the world and get to know new people in the field, as well as develop my own skills in the most diverse of circumstances. Through projects and competitions, I have had the opportunity to sculpt with different materials on a larger scale than would ever be possible in my studio.

The freedom, sociality and challenge of doing things are things that I feel are very important. Most of my works are short-lived (ice-snow-sand), which suits me well, because making my own is about the desire to experiment, and making / carving the work and completing it successfully are the most important part of the work for me.”

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