T.E.H.D.A.S. ry:n kesänäyttely “Dadaptations”- woodsymposiumartist (osa kesänäyttelyä):

T.E.H.D.A.S. ry:n kesänäyttely “Dadaptations”- woodsymposiumartist (osa kesänäyttelyä):

I Made Sutama, Indonesia

Spirit of Dandelion

This work inspire by the Dandelion plants in the area around the Radio Station. One of the most problematic plant for the gardener who wants to keep their garden tidy. Does not matter how many times we trim them, they always grow back in the next season.

Spirit here is not about some spiritual things, but more about the quality of dandelion. We human shall learn, how to react and live like dandelion. Instead of dying (trauma) from the cut and harsh

environment we should bounce back and grow more rapid just like dandelion.

Faces on the sculpture is the different face how people see dandelion. As a kid we play with them, the gardener see them as scary entity, but those who willing to learn see them as the wisdom source. The left hand symbolize of resistance. The rest is just what the tree told me to make out of its body.

At the end, its about communication between me, dandelion and the dead tree. Everything has vibration, it is our work (human) to enhance perception, so we could hear the message and wisdom from the others.

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