Illan ohjelmassa kokeellista äänitaidetta/noisea. 

Missä? T.E.H.D.A.S. Projektitila, Radioasemantie 1, Pori

Millon? Torstaina 31.8. klo 19-23 




Usko & Urheilu

Hippycrack, Pori

..dno< sound theater, Pietari/Melbourn

..dno< sound theater – is a new experimental duo from Saint-Petersburg / Melbourne. Since August 2014 the project already have released 5 full-length albums on Poverty Electronics (USA) and took part in an experimental artists compilation released by Linear Obsessional Recordings (UK).

The project performed in several major art events, festivals and contemporary art exhibitions in Saint-Petersburg. As well international as local. Also duo dno had solo performances in Riga (Latvia) and Tallinn (Estonia) in 2016.

..dno< sound theater is as well duo as a collaboration with actors from DIPP theater. Together they performed at such festivals as “Museum Night”, “Open Look”, “Aposition” and many other.

..dno< sound theater is mainly working with such styles as experimental electronic, drone and ambient music. During live performances in collaboration with DIPP theater the main task of duo, as musicians, is to put the sound development on the concept of a live theater, as a synthesis of electroacoustic improvisation and stage action. Also by paying attention to the productions of sound dramaturgy and scenography.

The music works of ..dno< sound theater are available through main online platforms:
iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp.

The project is playing experimental live electronic music based on drone, ambient, and noise sounds.

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