Lisa Erdman

" With Consumerin®, you can buy more...and feel good about!"

Lisa Erdman's performance entitled "Consumerin®" serves as a political
commentary on the economic recession, and as a satire of the "quick fix"
philosophy of the medical advertising industry. The performance consists
of a live sales pitch for "Consumerin®", a medical drug that stimulates
consumer buying habits in order to strengthen the health of the economy.

------------ Artist Bio -----------------------------

Using corporate parody and satirical humor, Lisa's multimedia art
explores the politics of gender, race, and cultural identity. Since
1992, her videos, installations, and performances have been presented in
such venues as: The Kitchen Performance Space in New York City; The
Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland; SIGGRAPH Conference on
Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques in Boston; the IDBA Bank
and Cultural Center in Washington D.C.; and the Cine Estudiantil Latino
Film Festival in Enseñada, Mexico.

Lisa Erdman's academic degrees include a Bachelor of Science in Dance
and Interarts & Technology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison
('94), and a Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts from Rensselaer
Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York ('97). Currently, Lisa lives in
Finland, and is studying in the doctoral program of the Pori School of
Art and Media, within the University of Art and Design Helsinki.